anastasia, russian, redhead.
I love a lot of things, like, a lot.
movies and tv are my obsessions. falling for fictional characters and crying over my OTPs is my favorite thing in the world. oh, and of cource I'm crazy about redheads. do we even need any other hair colors?

Orange Is The New Black | Entertainment Weekly Digital Exclusive

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In the Buffy world 20-30 years from now, would Buffy and Faith be friends, get along, would they be sick of eachother by then? Ohhhh let’s go there (x)

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The #SpiderMan team on @GMA!

@GMA: Andrew, you smolder…Emma, stunning… Sally, love!…Dane, handsome….Jamie…?



Ginnifer Goodwin on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Me when I have kids

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I like seeing this old Piper temper.

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Another secret bash! Jodie Foster married her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison over the weekend. 
Congrats to the happy couple!


how did i even find this website

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